The I PATH OF THE SOUL project has as its aim the study and proposal of new SLOW tourism methods which have as their main purposes the REDISCOVERY of the cultural, food and wine, folkloristic, traditional territorial values ​​of Sicily and the South with a vision also oriented at the national.

The literary parks, the streets of writers, the streets of treasures, the parks and natural reserves of which Sicily in particular is a beacon which is still not very bright, but full of opportunities for growth, are some of the new lines of tourism that do not are aimed at the classic purely seaside and seasonal destination and which are at the center of our objective.

The aim is to create a tourist and cultural offer that is a reference for that type of tourism that is linked to sustainability parameters in coherence with the guidelines that aim to safeguard, promote and enhance our immense cultural and natural heritage .

Our itineraries aim to retrace the places lived and loved by writers, also described in novels, and put us in contact with the varied personalities extensively detailed in pages and pages of literature and theater that have fascinated and still fascinate entire generations.

The promotion of forms of responsible tourism which highlights the close relationship between tourism development, economic growth but above all conservation of the enormous cultural and environmental heritage. The objective is not only to appreciate our extraordinary architectural and artistic riches, but to know and recognize the importance of everything that surrounds them.

An aware and united community that wants to go beyond borders to rediscover its cultural heritage, traditions and history, to lay the cultural foundations of the country of today and tomorrow.

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