FOTO oppure OTOF?


Photography, a term whose translation into Italian derives from two Greek terms which literally mean writing of/with light.

For us on the paths of the soul, art has no boundaries and specific application subjects but it is wonderful to understand how photography and literature are so similar even in their etymological origin; both defined as the tracing of something, be it the writing of light or grammatical texts.

These two arts are so similar and yet at the same time so different in their methodologies of visual representation.

If we wanted to define photography exactly we could say that through it it is possible to have a definitive recording of an image that is in itself static; this occurred by means of a photosensitive support which in principle could have been a pewter plate on which a layer of bitumen was spread.

Subsequently, a plate of silvered copper began to be used which was sensitized by exposure to iodine vapours, thus forming a layer of silver iodide on the surface.

The aforementioned invention is by Louis Daguerre (with the great contribution of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce), called the daguerreotype, and was presented to the French Academy of Sciences in 1839, which, however, over time proved to be an impractical solution, in fact it was William Henry Fox Talbot, with the calotype, proposed the use of paper as a photosensitive material, on which gelatin containing silver salts was spread.

This discovery was revolutionary because thanks to it it was possible to obtain a negative shot that could be positivized as many times as desired simply by placing it in contact with another sheet of sensitized paper.

Despite the many changes applied to this art over the centuries we can still affirm that the "birth date" of the photographic art is 9 July 1839 when the photographic process of Louis Jacque Mandè Daguerre was granted the patent by the Academy of Sciences Paris.

Starting from these years and then reaching the present day, photography has become the means through which we immortalize moments and emotions that go down in history or that have marked our history; currently the technologies we use to shoot allow us to have shots characterized by sharpness and colors never seen before.

We conclude this brief excursus on photography by telling you, dear readers, that it matters little whether our shooting methodology is still analogue or digital, little changes for the purposes of the expressive representation of each individual, the important thing is that each of us has among your hands have the power to create wonderful artistic creations also through photography, in fact by skilfully playing with light you can obtain wonderful, we invite you to do one thing...Steal the light!!

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